Finishing Touch

Finishing Touch

Too often in years past, families and lives were disrupted for weeks and months following a corporate transfer or relocation. Households were dutifully packed, items were moved… but the hundreds of little details that help a house become a functioning home, were left for displaced families to resolve on their own- usually in a new neighborhood with no readily available support systems.

Our Finishing Touch program was developed as the ultimate move-in service for busy professional families because most moving companies typically pack and unpack household goods only to a "flat surface", with no organizational coordination. Our Finishing Touch services includes a comprehensive menu of services to pick up, right where the moving company left off. We can even arrange to have the new home professionally cleaned before the moving trucks arrive. Our Finishing Touch program can help unpack, organize and store household items, wash crystal, dust furniture and polish silver. We can clean windows, line shelves, hang draperies and provide decorator services.

Each transferee is contacted at origin by one of our Finishing Touch Coordinators to assess priorities and determine needs & expectations, which naturally, are different for every project.

Our services are limited only by your imagination! Finishing Touch helps minimize the stress and disruption of a family move and assures a smooth household transition. The end result- a more happy and productive corporate transferee.

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Parts On The MoveSM

From hardware to hooks, a missing part at a final destination, is one hassle that no one wants to deal with… except RMS! That's because Parts-On-The-Move is focused exclusively on solving your "Missing Part Nightmare"

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  • All Appliances/Prep/Set Up
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